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Nice Guy In a Jetta

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Well i closed up my shop at night and i was heading home. So im at the light and this jetta is close to my bumper so the light turns green and i hit the gas lightly pull away so im idling at 50 and then he passes alittle fast by me. So i floorit and get to him quickly pass him and then we get to the light. So i tell him lets race hes like okay he was reving that brand new jetta he has the new tag on it. So i launch it no way in hell i must of spanked him by like 20 car lenghts it was so sad and then we got again at the light and i was talking to him about puting a turbo in his car, very nice car. Its nice to race people like these
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Yeah, i hate it when people are dickheads. Nice kill man
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