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Nissan V6 SE Truck V the Cord-ster

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I dunno, my dad always said "Son, a Black car for some reason attracts racers" Surely he ment Red?

I was doing 75 on the way to work this morning, relaxing to Nelly Furtado... I am in the passing lane been a good doobie passing a Crown Victoria... All out of now where this Jap piece of **** comes right up my ass with lights-a-blaring... Well I was relaxed... I went into the inside lane and
done the "same speed trick", the homey couldnt shake me... at around 95 I got the lead, he did give me a run for my money... He gave me a friendly nod when I turned off to my exit... So I suppose he wasnt all bad.. but hey, one of the best ways to trigger my "THE HULK" impression is get right up my ass..
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Not like that meaning you ****ing pervert! :)
This is true ;)
Dorkbar, sorry I`ll try and concerntrate
more on my English, you know how it is, when you know French and Latin you tend to get mixed up with the English... Or dont you
know how that is?

Over time I have concluded that the most
detail orientated people are the most narrow minded I have known, they are the
Vertical thinkers, having a Psych Degree you
will know what that means..

Anyway, time is`a ticking, I cant afford
to be late for Pre-School...
I brought mine some juicy MEAT balls..
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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