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Nissan V6 SE Truck V the Cord-ster

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I dunno, my dad always said "Son, a Black car for some reason attracts racers" Surely he ment Red?

I was doing 75 on the way to work this morning, relaxing to Nelly Furtado... I am in the passing lane been a good doobie passing a Crown Victoria... All out of now where this Jap piece of **** comes right up my ass with lights-a-blaring... Well I was relaxed... I went into the inside lane and
done the "same speed trick", the homey couldnt shake me... at around 95 I got the lead, he did give me a run for my money... He gave me a friendly nod when I turned off to my exit... So I suppose he wasnt all bad.. but hey, one of the best ways to trigger my "THE HULK" impression is get right up my ass..
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hey man, whaddya think the teacher's gonna look like this year, man....I LOVE THAT VIDEO!!! strippers teaching the 2nd grade, thats what was laking in my learning experience as a child.
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