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hi, got a problem.

i'm installing a zex dry kit on my '00m and i'm having a problem. the instructions state to connect a line from the zex module to the fuel pressure regulator. unfortunatley, i've gotten mixed answers on this. some say the regulator is on the fuel rail while the 2002 fsm states that the regulator is on the fuel pump. if it is, how can i hook this system up? i know i've seen people on here use these type of systems (dry). Also, if i can plug it in, what would i do with the line that i just unplugged?

also, they state to put the second vacuum line on an unused vacuum fitting coming off the intake maniford. i don't see one. where is it?

lastly, on other vehicles, i've seen the line that was displaced on the regulator when the zex line went on rerouted back to the zex module to form a circuit. this shouldn't be this confusing....maybe it's just late and i need to go to bed.

thanks guys, this site is a great resource and probably one of the best car clubs on the net.
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