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I'm waiting for 13 july when we move into the new house in Harmony. :smilie_st
The 'bird comes home on the 15. :banana:
I'll also be able to finally get my 83 cobra and Nighthawk from the ex's house (the house I paid for, The biotch got everything, even our little girl!).

between all that stuff and my Intrepid, Interceptor, and the little ladies car, those two garages are going to be quite full! I may have to build another one for the lawn tractor and my workshop! 3 garages, wouldn't that suck?!? :frenzy:

I have lots of time on my hands right now as we're packing and waiting for the moving date. You'd think I'd be able to be patient at this age, but it's driving me nuts! :bouncgrin



PS. could an admin move this to the off topic forums? Thanks.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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