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I see people mentioning these ACE chips and raising some good questions on weather or not they can be programed to ad a turbo to the 3.5. I myself would prefer a supercharger and would like to know if ace could help with that set up. But the main reason i'm writing this is because of NOS. Does anyone here have it? And if not, Why not? Its cheap,works great and is perfect for the intrepid seeing how nothing is offered for these cars performance wise. I have to believe that it can be done using a NOS setup for a 5.0 mustang. I have an article in a mag where a guy installed a mustang kit on mitsubishi galant. He got a great boost of power from it and used NOS simply because there was no aftermarket bolt-ons for his car(like the intrepid?) I believe this would work even better for the intrepids 3.5 sence it and the 5.0(90's) have the same ponies at 214hp. just food for thought. let me know what ya think :D :D
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I see it like this. Screw the tranny to a point. I'm not talking about a 100 shot of NOS but maybe 40-60 shot or so. I think it would hold up. These trannys seem to have most 1st gens walking on egg shells. I'm beginning to think its about time to toughen up and take charge. Kick that tranny right in the ass and tell it to take it like a man. Why be scared anymore? Look around, the value of our cars is going down bad regardless of how much we love them. not to mention they are coming of age and parts(like a tranny) can be found at the local junkyard(from wrecked intrepids). Its a shame B&M dont tinker around with making a shift kit or something to improve it. Though I figure msd ignition,dual exhaust,k&n intake,performance chip and a 50 shot or so of NOS and you could have yourself a nice 300 hp or so to talk about in the kills section. But has anyone come up with any ideas for the cheapest hp gain without destroying the intrepid(wieght reduction)?
Djnrg: No I havent contacted ACE chips but will look them up. I was on JACOBS ELECTRONICS ass for a while to come out with something but gave up on them about a year ago. I've only put 2,000 miles on my 95 in the last 2 yrs I've been in Italy and have just recently decided to go ahead and fix it up. So I'll be hounding all kinds of companies and shops.
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