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I see people mentioning these ACE chips and raising some good questions on weather or not they can be programed to ad a turbo to the 3.5. I myself would prefer a supercharger and would like to know if ace could help with that set up. But the main reason i'm writing this is because of NOS. Does anyone here have it? And if not, Why not? Its cheap,works great and is perfect for the intrepid seeing how nothing is offered for these cars performance wise. I have to believe that it can be done using a NOS setup for a 5.0 mustang. I have an article in a mag where a guy installed a mustang kit on mitsubishi galant. He got a great boost of power from it and used NOS simply because there was no aftermarket bolt-ons for his car(like the intrepid?) I believe this would work even better for the intrepids 3.5 sence it and the 5.0(90's) have the same ponies at 214hp. just food for thought. let me know what ya think :D :D
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i definately don't know much about turbos, but it seems like we'd need a twin-turbo setup because of exhaust coming off each bank of cylinders, this unless you were thinking of running the tube back to the intake from after the 3rd cat at which point there's only a single exhaust pipe. this seems like it would be ugly and horribly inefficient. someone please clarify how fitting a single turbo would work.
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