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not in a trep but still a fun kill

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I was out with my friend tonight in his 95 z26 beretta. We've raced each other quite a few times from a dead stop and he gets me by about 3 car lengths around 80. This was before I used any launching techniques...(I would just hold my foot on the brake and then mash the gas after he said go...not too good) I just ordered a stainless steel filter so hopefully I'll be able to catch up or beat him :D
Anyways though, back to the kill...We were coming out of the Walmart parking lot and pulled up to the light. There was this Civic hatchback with the big chrome tip and I could see some sort of audio sticker on the windshield...we started edging up playing with him and he jumped turned green and we got an instant lead.. it was so friend slowed down to play with him some more and you could tell it was a manual because the shift from first to second chirped the tires....he was pushing it so hard and we were just cruisin by laughin our asses off...I waved bye to him and we eventually met up at the next light...put our windows down and he started screaming something about him only having a 4 cylinder....hahahaha very fun kill

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you get beaten by a beretta? do you have a 3.3?
ahh, i was going to say...
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