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'Nother punk in a Civic...

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I was coming home from a lady friends house at like 2am, waiting patiently at a light and up pulls a badly riced out civic. Im guessing it was around a '94 or '95 ( i dont really know my civics). I was tired and not in the mood for this cocky rice boy's crap. His car was typical. Had the picnic table spoiler, fugly paint, stupid rims, pissed off bumble bee sounding exhaust, imitation scoops, and some decals i couldnt read cuz im not japanese. He starts revving when he sees me looking at his car. I was just thinking ,"*sigh* here goes...". I gave him a little rev and got a double take from my not-so-family-car sounding exhaust, hehe. Light turns green and i dust his ass to about 40 and then i slow down. Its only a 25 MPH zone. And he does the 'ol loser fly-by. It was dark so i didnt see if it was an EX or what. Doesnt really matter i guess, moral of the story "Dont mess with a trep in a crappy civic!"
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its all relative...sure, they have some pretty numbers, etc...but they wont blow your doors off...
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