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I use my Zen Jukebox running through a cassette adapter for all my music.

Blew the right door speaker during either Offspring - Gotta Keep 'Em Seperated or Metallica - Fuel (part of my interstate driving playlist).

My 98 SE with non-premium speakers - which I bought with 3 miles on it and was totalled by a non-licensed driver last month with 243,800 miles on it...never had a problem.

The 98 ES Intrepid I replaced it with has the premium system and blew a door speaker within 3 weeks - don't know if it's the amplification difference - maybe the premium systems amp is too much for the speakers? I know relatively little about audio.

Back in the day - when purchasing home stereo equipment - I merely made one request of the sales person - what size speakers do I need that the stereo/amp can't blow. Of course, I ended up with large home speakers - but also never worried about blowing them.

So, the novice questions

1 - do the mfgs not match the stereo with speakers that will handle their full power?

2 - what 6.5" speakers do I buy that WILL handle the system regardless of volume?
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