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Ohio and surrounding State members!

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Looking for those in the area to get together for future meets!!
List yourself here.

Midwest Members
1. Dudley (Doug)
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Midwest Members
1. Dudley (Doug)
2. beeblebrox82 (Nate)
3. shadowvox6 (Tom)
4. 95trep3.3 (David)
5. CaptainMorgan (Dan)
6. MegaTrep (Kyle)
7. Chewievette (Dave)
8. MrBigE (Eric)
9. Patel.748 (Dave)
10. KINGSPADE (Josh)
11. inthetundra (Art)
Wisconsin is a sourrounding state to Ohio?
No farther than Cakalackyland....the list did say midwest members in the beginning.

Old thread but still important
1 - 2 of 50 Posts
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