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Even when you could find them, they were very expensive.

Some free advice: Because this part is known to fail (leak) and is generally not available and is expensive when/if you can tind them, and because the oil cooler is of questionable value (Chrysler even de-contented them I think in 2001 or 2002), remove that part and screw your low oil pressure switch directly into the engine block. Many here, including yours truly, have done this.

You can do a clean removal by completely removing the oil cooling supply and return pipes - leave the ports in the radiator open, and install a standard 3/8" NPT pipe plug in the return port of the oil pan. There are a couple of brackets that secure the pipes to the underside of the engine - remove the brackets by removing a couple of oil pan bolts. Temporarily remove the oil filter (maybe the alternator too) to give more room to work on this fitting and the low oil pressure switch - might as well change oil and filter while you're at it if about due. You may want to pick up the special oil pressure sensor/switch socket to fit Chryslers at the auto parts store to reduce risk of damaging the switch (a regular socket won't work). If the switch is leaking oil or your low oil pressure light comes on when idling at stop lights, now is a good time to replace that - get it from the dealer only - aftermarket parts are junk for this type of part - low pressure trip points are often way off.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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