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Ok guys... My car starts but dies Immediately

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Hey everyone... It's the guy with the wacky transmission again... '94 Intrepid ES 3.5 So I'm running around with a messed up transmission... (you know the story... works great then horrible then great... all that stuff) and what should happen today but ... shortly after getting 4 dollars in gas I park the car at a store... go inside... yada yada... come back and the car starts but then dies immediately... the harder I press on the gas the longer it lasts but still dies... (like 4 seconds instead of the normal 2) The fuel pump appears to be working and honestly I'm lost... help a poor idiot out... :)
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water in gas
seems like it's a by-product of filling up with gas. if it's every time he tries to start it chances are it isn't the cam sensor. cam position sensor would probably start over a longer period of time. however, before i cleaned my cam sensor my 3.5 (notorious for hot start trouble) did the same thing one time. of course it also did it after i cleaned it so i doubt this is the culprit.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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