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Olds and me

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Just on the way to work on the highway and this guy comes right behind me and flashes his lights.... I was just about to be the bastard and slam my brakes on when I realise
its my work mate :) So I turned into the inside lane and was about to let him pass when he done a "Racing motion" thang with his hand, ... the highway was real clear so I nodded... and Slammed... remember we where doing 75 already... I dropped mine into 3rd and got to 6k rpm ... about 1 mile later I was 3 cars ahead doing around 115mph...

We both got out the car when we got to work and he came over and said "Dude, you hauled ass, I didnt thnk my Alero could do 110! :)
Didnt you know Concorde was a sleeper"

Its so much more fun when you know the other racer :)
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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