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Here's just a few pics of the meet on Saturday. A few people didn't show up, assuming because of the weather forecast. As you'll see in the first pic, the weather wasn't that bad!! A small pre-meet meet at Avengers for car washing ( for the other guys, mine was done at 6:00am )

Dave is hard at it...not sure what he's doing

Adi doing something, really not sure about him!

Rob is hiding, presumably from Adi

Oooh, nice car!!

More Treps than 300Ms....I love it!

The 300s

Lunchtime! Thanks 300M club! Also the best potato salad I've ever had!!

It was really nice to meet some new folks that share the same passions with their cars, look forward to more meets, maybe when the sun shines a little more!

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Hey folks,
The weather may not have been ideal, but it's always great to get out to meet other owners. As usual, I learned stuff that I wouldn't otherwise have a chance to learn! Great meeting Avenger and his car certainly didn't disappoint - very nicely done. Nice updates to your car too Cokey - might have to re-enter for another run at COTM later this year!
Cheers all!
Next time, I'll either stay longer, arrive earlier (ie the night before) and bring the beer.

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Here are mine:

Rob doing a mod!!!

The cars pre-wash at Rob's

Dave's R/T looking sexy with black diamonds

Cokey's car chilling while he smokes some


A rather nice pic of my car..and another

Another one, this is before I cleaned my wheels off with Shawn's magic stuff

At the almighty "M-Meet"

Allan (Striker98)'s Special, wow what a car!


Ellis' 300M. The cleanest LH I've ever seen.

Our club, our cars

Black diamonds vs. regular (Dave vs. Me)

Rob's Rice... :angelsad2:

and a cruising pic when I was driving home

All in all, a fun day.

ROB, thanks for hosting the pre-meet at your place.

The 300M club was all nice people too!

The only one of us that left with a mod was me, because I went in with yellowed to **** rims, and came out with nice shiny aluminum ones!!!
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