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so my battery terminals were all corroded and stuff, to the point where most of the top of the battery was caked in BS. today i got some money so i went down and got some new thick terminals. when i unhooked the OE clamps both of them literally disintegrated. i thought about this for a few minutes, read my chilton's, which said little to help this situation, and then decided to cut the ends of the wires off and peel back the coating a bit. the negative was no problem, but the positive was. first, there wires are now shorter than stock, so i had to do a little tugging to get them to sit up right. i then tried to remove the grommet that holds that small yellow and small brown wire on to the positive and layed them in there with the rest of the positive strands. i scratched off the posts and the terminals and stuff and decided to give her a whirl. well, she fired up, sounding a little funny i assumed because of the computer resetting. then i fired her up again and it was normal.

i went and drove around a bit, then parked it for the night. i turned the key to ACC and reset my radio and then just to be sure i tried to fire her up again and couldn't. i am guessing that the contact is bad because the battery isn't that old. but what i'm wondering is if those two small wires layed directly into the thick positive cables are causing a constant draw on the system or something. hope someone can help me, otherwise i guess i'll jump it and go down to ma mopar and see if they can rig me some new wires to the starter...

no, don't laugh at me, i was doing this in the dark and it was cold outside. i wouldn't have done it had the trep been starting better (it was so corroded that sometimes it wouldn't start, and i was tired of it).
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