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Ok all you photoshop graphics heads out there. Anyone want to help a fellow Intrepid owner?

I used to have a logo for my DJ business... but in the nine years of DJing, I kinda lost the files for the logo so I figured 9 years... need a new "cutting edge" logo.

Anyone want to take a stab of creating a new logo for me? This is pretty important to me because I want to start getting shirts done as well as maybe a banner.

My business is called "DjPiLL Productions" (With the DjPiLL spelled out in those caps)

Now im open to any and all suggestions. This Halloween marks my 10yr aniversary of DJing so maybe you can come up with a decade anniversary logo or something that has "Est. 1992" in it... kinda like what the clothing lines do. Now this doesnt have to be the case... but we'll see.

On Monday im going to try to scan in what my old logo looks like. I still have a CD i did years ago that has the logo put on the jewel case. The quality will be real crappy but you will be able to get an idea on what I used to have.

Thanks in advance. If I see a logo I really dig, I could perhaps send the winning logo maker some authentic "DjPiLL mixed CDs" from me spinnin live in the club here in NYC. (Sorry my OTIX is not up for grabs). ;) ;) ;)

Also... I need a website... but thats more down the road. I already have ready to roll... but there is nothing there right now.

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