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OTIS programming

What are the dots on my overhead console (OTIS) for?

The three buttons in the center of the OTIS are for Homelink. Homelink is a universal transceiver which replaces up to three remote controls to operate devices such as garage door openers, motorized gates or home lighting. The transmitter works off the cars electrical system which means no batteries are used.

To program the universal transceiver

1: turn off the engine
2: erase the factory test codes by pressing the two outside buttons. Release the buttons when the light in the overhead console display begins to flash (about 20 seconds)

3: choose one of the three buttons to train. Place the original hand held controller one to three inches from the OTIS while keeping the indicator light in view.

4: Using both hands, press the hand held transmitter button and the desired homelink transceiver button. Do not release the buttons until step 5 has been completed.

5: the indicator light in the OTIS will begin to flash, first slowly and then rapidly. The rapid flashing indicates successful programming. If after 90 seconds the indicator light does not flash rapidly or goes out, return to step 1 and repeat the procedure.

Refer to rolling code or Canadian programming if needed.

Canadian programming

Canadian frequency laws require you to press and release the hand held transmitter every two seconds during programming. Continue to press and hold the OTIS button while you press and release the hand held transmitter button until the frequency signal has been learned. The OTIS light will flash slowly and rapidly when the programming is successful.

“Rolling code” programming

Most garage door openers made after 1996 feature a rolling code system for added security. This means that the transmitter code changes after each use to prevent the copying of your code. Set the OTIS by following these steps.

1: Locate the training button on the garage door motor head unit. The exact location and color of the button will vary by manufacturer; consult your openers manual for more information.

2: Pres and hold the training button on the garage door head unit, this will activate the training light.

3: Return to the vehicle and firmly pres and release the garage door button. Press and release a second time to complete the training process. Some garage door openers may require you to do this procedure a third time to complete the training.

Your garage door opener should now recognize your OTIS universal transceiver.

Reprogramming a single button

1: Press and hold the button to be reprogrammed. Do not release until step 4 has been completed.

2: When the indicator light begins to flash (after 20 seconds) position the hand held transmitter one to three inches away from the button to be trained.

3: Press and hold the hand held transmitter button.

4: The OTIS indicator light will begin to flash, first slowly, then rapidly. When the indicator lights begin to flash rapidly release both buttons.


If you sell your vehicle be sure to erase all frequencies.

To erase all trained frequencies, hold down both outside buttons until the green light begins to flash.
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