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Here I will list all of the model numbers for the large filters that fit our cars. If you happen to forget a model number, just use an oil filter for a ford 5.0L v8.

These filters are roughly twice the length of the oem replacements. There is no real disadvantage to using an overiszed filter. An oversized filter will drop oil pressure less and last much longer.

These filters will fit the 3.5, 3.3, and 3.2 of any year/car. They will fit many other Chrysler cars as well.

Amsoil SDF-15
Fram Extra Guard PH8A
Fram Tough Guard TG8A
Fram Double Guard DG8A
K&N HP-3001
Mobil 1 M1-301
Motorcraft Long Lasting FL-1A
NAPA 1515 Gold
NAPA 51515 Silver
Pennzoil PZ-1
PowerFlo SL30001
ProLine PPL-30001
Purolator Premium Plus L30001
Purolator Pure One PL30001
Quaker State QS8A
STP S-01
Wix 51515

Good comparison of different oil filters:

Thanks to: idaho96trep
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