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I found a TSB online, 21-008-04 issued 6/1/2004, regarding this problem with '03-04 Intrepids. It includes all '03-early '05 vehicles with the 41TE, 42LE, and 42RLE transmissions. I wouldn't be surprised if the new V6 LX's have the same problems assuming they have 42RLE's. This TSB basically tells me you either have a valve body issue or a solenoid pack issue, and you're at the mercy of the Chrysler DRBIII tool owner.

This is an internal bulletin not found on alldata or sites like that.

TSB 21-008-04

P1776 - Solenoid Switch Valve Latched in LR Position

Discussion: If the vehicle operator describes a MIL illumination and the technician finds DTC P1776 Solenoid Switch Valve Latched in LR Position is set, the DRBIII (c) can be used to access the event data screen and look at the "TRS code" reading.

NOTE: The solenoid switch valve is not in the solenoid pack; it is in the valve body.

TRS Code Reads TR2
If the "TRS Code" displays TR2 it is an indication that the manual valve was not fully in the OD position at the time the DTC was set. Check the shifter cable adjustment and adjust if necessary. Also check the shift control system for excessive friction and/or routing issues.

TRS Code Reads OD
If the "TRS Code" displays OD then a sticky solenoid swtich valve is the primary cause. Perform the proper diagnosis for the valve body. Inspect for foreign material in the solenoid switch and valves.

Information only
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