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1997 Dodge Intrepid
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Nope. It would honestly only be worth about $2500 on a good day with a GOOD, BLEMISH FREE title. I'm assuming it doesn't have any rust or rot being that it's in Nevada, so that's at least one good thing it has going for it. But to be perfectly and painfully honest, that car is superb condition is only really worth about $1000 with a salvage title, $1500 would be a far stretch. If the seller thinks it's worth more just because of this crazy car market these days, more power to them. I'd personally pass on it if they refuse to go down below $1200. $1200 would be my TOP number with a Salvage title. I can see from the pics that the sun has taken a toll on it. Faded paint, missing C-pillar covers (passenger side one is gone at least) and I'd bet my paycheck that the wiper cowl is so baked and brittle that if you touched it, it would crumble like potato chips.
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