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PIAA for 2002 Intrepid?

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The local perf parts shop has a 30% off sale on all the PIA bulbs. Got ahold of the Platinum fog light H3 bulbs, but when I asked for the high and low beam bulbs, he said that PIAA does not make the buld with the right connector? :confused: He said that PIAA has the standard 9005 and 9006's but not the bulb that is listed in the owners manual. He showed me the PIAA dealer book and it said that 2002's are not supported. I know a bunch of the guys have listed the PIAA bulbs as a mod, what did you do? 30% off is too good to pass up if available.
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Regular 9005 and 9006's will work just fine in the Intrepid. Joekd was the first to do it, and had no problems. he sent me a picture of his that I will post when I get home from work, today.
I just paid $59.50 for the 9006's. I found an online store with good prices. I'll post a link there when I get home as well :)

AS for my H3's that I bought a few months ago, I paid $24 each how the Amber bulbs :)
Here's the picture Joekd took for me of his. he only changed the lows, so he has both bulb types there so you can see the difference:

The light on the left is the OEM high bulb. The one on the right is the new PIAA bulb. Notice the bend. That is the only difference.

Here's the link to where i have bought all my bulbs. The site doesn't look like much, but I have ordered from them a few times, and they do a great job :)
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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