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Please help me to stop laughin..

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Oh my, just came back to work from lunch and wasnt expecting to be `raced` at the lights, buy alas I was :)... By a 1999/98 Eco Saturn, oh my god... it was a white hatchback with the tinted windows and a nice chrome tail pipe tip.. The kid in it must of been around 18.... we where at the light and he was reving it up, and letting go a bit to then slammin on the brake... I just couldnt resisit... I put mine in neutral and it let out a nice meaninful deep throat sound...

Well my work mate was in the car to, so the light when green and he was givin that poor GM piece of crap some stick, I wasnt even flooring mine... then my mate put down the passanger side window and shouted to the kid "Bbbbbbbbbbbyeee bye now"... I just slammed it then when I heard Mike say that :) Left the boy standing :)

Aaaaah... not really a kill to easy, but it was funny to me :)
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Good kill.

There is something about domestic rice. For some reason it is a bit more satisfying to beat one of those cars.
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