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I've been looking into a new server for DI.Net.

I have found a good one, however, it is a little more expensive than this one (more than I can afford).

Here's what I need to know. Would anyone be interested in buying webspace from me? Here's what I am thinking:

I will be able to set you up with a subdomain (ie. ) and your own FTP account. This way you can upload your pictures and site yourself (and won't have to bug me and wait ;) ). If requested, you can also get an e-mail address, too ([email protected] - a POP account)!

I haven't set on how much space you can use, but I will be as generous as I can be.

I was thinking about $15/year. I would need around 15 people to sign up (and that wouldn't even be break even, but I can cover the rest).

Any thoughts or comments?

P.S. I'm gonna test the host with another site first, before moving. I'm working on that now...

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Hell yeah good idea randy. Put me in i will throw in 5 bucks also that contrell that i promised you so if youre going to do it tell me because im sending that contrell on monday. sorry for the wait but im always on the job :eek: :eek: :eek: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :D :D ;)

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For how much space? What do you get for that?

Also im curious... do you get stats on your site? How much traffic is the website get daily? Not necessarily in hits, but in MB sent and received.

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Originally posted by DjPiLL:

Also im curious... do you get stats on your site? How much traffic is the website get daily? Not necessarily in hits, but in MB sent and received.
That's a problem, this host doesn't give me that info, so I'm not sure how much bandwidth I'm using? This host gives me unlimited. I'll post the stats of what this new host offers here in a minute.

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Here's what the new host will offer:

-Hard Disk Space - 650MB
-Bandwidth / Traffic - 25Gb
-Control Panel
-Red Hat Linux 6.2 Operating System
-Apache 1.3.20.x
-Secure Server - Note: runs on separate machine
-24/7 Server Monitoring
-Dual Processor Raid 5 Servers
-Custom Error Pages
-OC3 Connectivity to Servers
-Subdomains- Unlimited

-Number of POP3 Accounts - Unlmited
-Unlimited Email Forwarders
-Unlimited Auto Responders
-Personal SMTP Server
-Web Mail to check email over your Browser
-Unlimited Mailing Lists - Note: This new feature is in Alpha testing

-Additional FTP Accounts - Unlimited
-1 Main FTP Account
-Telnet/SSH Access
-Web Based File Manager
-Front Page 98/2000/2002

-Full CGI Bin Support
-PHP 4.0.5
-Perl 5
-MySQL 3.23.38

Preinstalled Scripts

-Hit Counter - Displays number of visits to your site
-Guest Book - Visitors can write a message on your site
-Simple CGI Wrapper - Allows you to run cgi scripts with your userid
-Random HTML - This is a random html generator. It picks a html string out of a list and inserts it in an SSI enabled web page. This is useful for "Quote of the Moment", and other similar things.
-Entropy Banner - This feature allows you to create rotating banner ads
-Entropy Chat - HTML Chat
-Java Chat - Real time java chat room
-PHPmyAdmin - Lets your administer your MySql database.
-Java Clock - A real time clock made in java
-Java Countdown - A counter that counts down
-Java Chat - Real time chat room
-Web Site Statistics - Visitor Statistics for your site

-30 Days Money Back Guarantee
-No Set-UP/Hidden Fees! Only monthly fees.
-Every Month - $24.95 ($24.95 a month)

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hey, Im in! I have a monthly account on freservers right now [no page quite yet] and will transfer whe you get up and running. anything to help. I want to try to set up a server of my own when I get DSL, kause I get a static IP. My dad brought home a sun Sparc5, that needs a cd rom. but I dont know a stitch about unix/linux, let alone how to set up a server/router? we shall see. I might have to turn to some of you guys
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