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I've already picked up one off of another '91, so it's the right model (I hope). It was rebuilt, but the owner wrecked it about 2,000 miles after that (2003). Engine and trans were left together, but pulled out of the engine at some point. Torque converter may be bad though.

My 3.3L engine is fine. Cranked it up several times in the past week so the battery is fully charged.

Tools & Equipment:
I have an 1/2" Ryobi impact wrench with mm sockets, a 1/2" 3/8" combo ratchet set, hand wrenches, 2 1/4 ton jack, two jack stands, and several cinder blocks. I'll be picking up several 6X6 blocks to help get the van higher, another jack (2 1/2 or 3 ton), and a another pair of jack stands. Already got the trans oil and filter.

I'll have to do this on the gravel driveway.

Any advice, directions, or stories appreciated.

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