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I have a 1996 Dodge Intrepid ES that has a factory amp.

I installed a Sony CDX-GT400 head unit and also 2 12" Sony subs hooked up to a pioneer GM-7100M amp.

When I first installed it, it only played on the speakers up on top of the dashboard so I went to the roadshop at circuit city where I purchased everything and the guy said that I had to hook the blue wire on the aftermarket wire harness to the amp turn on (blue w/ white stripe) from the back of the head unit which already has the wire from the pioneer amp wired to it. After I did that the door speakers and back speakers worked but now cut out when volume is past 18-20 all the speakers are still factory could that be the problem or do I have to rewire something.

whats the best thing to do should i replace the speakers and just wire them up to a new amp or what should I do. Please help thanks.
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