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In some threads I found directions to program the keyless entry remote on LH models via the Data Link Connector. I followed these steps and now have major problems. I have a 1996 Vision 3.5L V6 and I performed the following steps.

1. Grounded the #1 wire on the dataport under my steering wheel.
2. Got in the car and turned the ignition to the on position.
3. Nothing happened the power locks did not cycle at all.
4. I tried to click on the keyless entry to no avail.
5. I removed the grounded wire to find that the radio, power locks and my interior dome light all do not work. Further now whenever I start the car, the heat automatically turns on.

So I checked the following items:
1. The relay works. I switched it with the horn relay and it appears to be fine.
2. I checked all fuses and they are all fine as well.
3. I pulled the ground off the battery thinking that might recycle any programming mode I might be stuck in.
4. I took the door apart and checked the power lock solenoid, there doesn't appear to be any voltage there.
5. Now whenever I start the car the heat automatically comes on, before it would remember the last state it was in, on or off.

Have someone any idea what went wrong and how to solve it?
Any help is appreciated.
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