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Left passenger O2 sensor wire shored to the engine block causing the same circuit the fans are on to short. Replaced both 02 sensors. Parts: $100 Computer diagnosis by trusted mechainc: free.

Ran very very rough....Intake manifold had a test spray either around the plug wire areas, engine will rev a little. Trusted mechanic: $84 even after running into a few problems (fuel rail O ring cracked which I think is a recall any way) that caused it to take about 2 days in the shop and 5 hours work.

Spark Plug wires. Caused missing: $45

Tie rod ends. Parts: $64

Suspension sway bar. Caused a clunking when you hit bumps. Parts: $68

Rear suspension drag bar thing. Basically holds rear wheel on. Visably had a hold rusted through it. Very hard to replace. Parts: $50

Purge valve boot cracked, fixed with electrical tape. Parts: $.23

ABS. Still does not work and I dont have much intention to work on it.

Most of the work was done by myself. It was all pretty easy, took maybe 30-40 hours total with all the driving back and forth to the mechanic and parts and what not.

Grand total: $411.23 and 30 hours of working on it.

My estimated dealer cost: $3,000 and it still wouldnt be fixed.

Now she runs like a top other than the abs which isnt a problem.

Im getting about 22-24 miles to the gallon which is mostly city and on a cold engine in winter. About 28-30 on the highway, cruse controll at 55.
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