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You are about to read an opinion. Names were changed to protect the innocent. :biggrin:

First off, you have heard of Armor All I am sure!! I mean the multitude of products ranges from tire shine to sex lube it seems. LOL
And the stuff is nearly everywhere! Grocery stores!!! Yes! It is in grocery stores!!! I would not be surprised to find it in Victoria Secret next. (if I went there:drool:)

You all, or most of you have used it in one form or another. Some are fairly pleased with it. Some see it as the anti Christ in chemical form. It has been blamed for everything from collecting dust to removing paint to deteriorating rubber.

I my self quit using it. Not because I saw it remove paint, but because I found products that seem to work better. You decide if it needs exorcism or not, for yourself.

I just want to tell you about a use for one of their products.

Armor All Glass cleaner. I discovered the use of it while cleaning of all things, the windows on my car. (duh)
It was covered with bugs and I was low on my favorite glass cleaner, Stoners Invisible Glass. I had won a fathers day gift pack of Armor All products at church. I brought it home and there it sat for the last several years on my shelf in the garage. It sat off by itself, almost like it was shunned by the other products, kind of lonely looking and a little battered in its colorful gift box. I was occasionally shoved out of the way in search for other products. So there it sat as looked at the shelves searching for a undiscovered full bottle of Stoners that I never brought home from the auto parts store.

So I opened the box after blowing off the dust and extracted the spray bottle of green liquid. I swished it around and shook it. Seeing no demons inside and no warnings on the back that cautioned of paint damage I took it over to the car and sprayed it on the windshield.

It did not behave like Stoners at all!!! It did not bead up, instead it seemed to behave more like soap! I grabbed by micro-fiber towel and wiped. I was shocked! Almost all the bugs came right off! The first time!!! That never happened with the Stoners. What I was left with though was a streaky mess. I reapplied it and wiped with a new clean towel. With little effort the hoard of smashed and crushed remnants of insects was gone but, there still remained a streaky windshield, clean of bugs. I tried it again. The windshield was clean but streaky. I looked at the bottle, it said streak free formula.
I grabbed the Stoners, and in seconds I had a streak free bug free windshield you could see through.

Looking at the bottle of Armor All Glass cleaner (Streak Free Formula) I walked to the front of the car. It was covered in bugs. I sprayed the bugs with the Armor All and waited maybe 30 seconds, and wiped. Once again the bugs came off easily. After I was done I checked for wax on the front fascia. There was none left as expected. So I re waxed. after rinsing all the bug spray err.... Armor All off.

So I do recommend at least one Armor All product. The Armor All Bug Remover.....

The next product report is more of a retraction of an earlier Adams product I criticized. That is the Adams Undercarriage Spray. I tried it again and I like the results. Not sure if I applied it correctly the first time or not. Some have said the wheel well may have been oily. I don't know on the first attemp, but the second results were pleasing. A nice flat black that makes the wheel well dissapear.

This is Clean Freak reporting for station KDUD

Disclaimer: I am in no way qualified to rate any product other than in my own application and I do not recommend either using or not using any product. I simply observed on one occasion the results of the product use. Any company seeking any restitution for monetary gain please be notified I am Broke and you cant get blood out of a rock. The opinion expressed are solely my own and do not reflect the management of this site or the fine members
. :biggrin:
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