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I bought this at Walmart. The cable cost $99 and basic app is free. (sure you can get it for less online)
I have never used a scanner but this one seems easily upgradable due to it being an app.
Motor Trend and Popular Mechanics both rated the cable and app highly. Thought I would give it a try and review.
Not much info available about what it actually does with our cars. There is a disclaimer that says that not all functions supported by all manufacturers, so I thought I would post my results.

Gopoint program (free download)


Calculated engine load value / 0-100%
Engine coolant temp**-40 to 419
short term fuel trim : bank 1 /-100 to 100
Long term fuel trim : bank 1*
short term fuel trim : bank 2*
Long term fuel trim : bank 2*
Intake manifold pressure 0 to 74 inHg
Engine rpm 0-16k
Vehicle speed 0-159
Timing advance *-64 to 64
Intake air temp /40 to 419
Throttle position / 0-100%

Oxygen voltage bank 1 sensor.1 / 0-2volts
Short term fuel trim bank 1 sensor 1 */0-100 %
Oxygen voltage bank 1 sensor.2 /*0-2volts
Short term fuel trim bank 1 sensor 2*/0-100 %
Oxygen voltage bank 2 sensor.1 /0-2volts
Short term fuel trim bank 2 sensor 1*/0-100 %
Oxygen voltage bank 2 sensor.2 /*0-2volts
Short term fuel trim bank 2 sensor 2*/0-100 %

Distance traveled with malfunction indicator 0-40k

Program: Mpglink (free download)
Instant fuel economy / worse to better graph
Tons of carbon / better to worse graph

Supporting apps.
App: DashCommand ($49.99)

A new comprehensive skin that that monitors:
Basic engine parameters - giving an overview of how the engine is functioning
Intake air temperature
Ambient air temperature
Engine coolant temperature
Timing or spark advance
Manifold absolute pressure
Mass air flow
Performance - showing the parameters that make your car go
Corrected speed (based on actual wheel circumference or tire size)
Boost / vacuum pressure
Engine power (at wheels, compensated for air and tire resistance)
Torque (at wheels, for air and tire resistance)
Fuel economy - giving you the tools you need to modify your driving habits
Average fuel consumption
Current fuel consumption
1 minute interval fuel consumption
5 minute interval fuel consumption
30 minute interval fuel consumption
Fuel level %
Fuel level volume
Distance to empty
Time to empty
Fuel flow
Trip statistics - for 5 trip types, A, B, Today, Previous Day, and Fillup
Average fuel consumption
Total fuel used
Fuel cost
Elapsed time
Distance travelled
CO2 emission rate
Total CO2 emission
Drive time
Maximum speed
Average speed (with idle and without idle)
Idle time
Number of fill-ups
Number of stops
Average fuel flow
Maximum fuel flow
Maximum power
Maximum torque
Average RPM
Maximum RPM
Time in each gear
Distance in each gear
Advanced engine parameters - for monitoring your tune
Fuel trims (4 banks supported)
Engine load
Fuel rail pressure
Catalyst temperature (EGT)
Air/Fuel ratio
A fillup screen to adjust and calibrate the fuel consumption and enter the cost of fuel
New improved Race Track with background satellite imagery.
More than 32 extended parameters, such as:
Boost / vacuum
Average fuel consumption
Current gear
Suggested gear
Up shift / down shift indicator
Corrected speed
Distance to empty
Time to empty
Air / fuel ratio
Fuel level volume
Support for - download new skins directly to your iPhone/iPod Touch
Support for user created extended parameters (scripts)
Send log files via email to a computer for further analysis
Globalized measurement units

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I tried googling how to make your own cable... No luck.

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Doug - would you say there are smarts inside the cable? or is it just a pin for pin adapter? Maybe the OBDII to USB chips would come into play?
yes, there is a chip inside the cable. Cant remember the chip # though.

One side note. There is no manual for the DashCommand software and nearly zero online support. It take a long time to get a response on the forum.

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The chip apparently, is ELM327

Seems fuel level is not reported through the OBD connector on our cars.

Overall, I like the program DashCommand. Today I got as usual, the code P0440. GpPoint saw it as pending and DashCommand did not. Finally it came in solid. Both saw it and using GoPoint I was able to clear the CEL. (light stayed on then did not come back on after restart)
I can do the same thing by pulling a fuse mind you......
It was interesting that DashCommand did not see the pending code but GoPoint software did.
Both apps have their strengths and weaknesses. (ain't that always the way it is?) lol
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