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Question for Ottowrkr

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First of all want to say thanks to yourself and the rest of the crew for the fine quality peice of machinery that you produced for us. I have had it for 2 months, no problems, rattles, squeaks etc, I love the car. This makes 4 2002 Intrepids on the block in the last 3 months, you have to be doings somthing right. Too bad the boys in Detroit would not advertise the quality you produce. I hope that your crew gets the Charger project, as that will hopefully be my next vehicle :D

2 quick questions for you that have been debated on the generation 2 forums..

Otto, if you could verify that an EVIC could be swapped into a 2002 ES with an existing OTIS, it would truely be appreciateed. There are concerns that the computers are different and will not work on an ES, only the R/T. There is a doa loaded 2001 300M at the dealership near me. Never new you could put a 90 degree bend into a car Apparently slid into a bridge support colum at highway speed.

2nd, can you install the 4 pack CD player directly into the opening below the stereo easily? i.e. is the wiring in place for it behind the rubber insert? Can the top line stereo just replace the CD player version? Do you actually need a new steering wheel for the sterring wheel mounted audio controls? Are the steering wheel audio controls even available on the 2002 intrepids?

O.K. there are 5 questions, on the Charger note, what have you heard thru the grapevine?

Thanks again and keep up the good work. It should look pretty sharp when everyone on the block lines up their car this summer, our wall of Intrepids will put the Ford crew accross the street to shame.
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Well.. ill tell ya one thing. Steering wheel audio controls were taken out from the 2002 model line. Only the 300m has steering wheel controls. I have a feeling you will need a new wheel to add the steering wheel controls... but I could be wrong.

As far as the cd changer goes... i think it depends on what base stereo you have. There is a din connector something like an s-video connector on the back of the factory stereo. If you have this, then a CD changer should work. You are probably better off getting the factory headunit that goes along with the cd changer though (assuming you can get it from a junkyard).
There are two reasons against doing this. Number one... not including an EVIC and steering wheel controls and passenger power seat... will keep costs down, and the price attractive. Also if you were to include these options... then you are limiting the gap between the 300m and the Intrepid. I think with 2001 there are VERY few differences between the 300M and 2001 R/T. With the 300M the only additional PRACTICAL things you get over an R/T are heated and memory seats and mirrors, an EVIC (which I have anyways hehe OTIS if the 300m doesnt have Luxury) and climate control. Everything else like the blue dash, wood trim, etc etc are all asthetic things, things you just look at. Everything else is exactly the same. Now take the 2002 R/T... you can now add passenger power seat and steering wheel controls to that list of differences. Makes a big difference.

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