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what does everyone do when they wash their car?

heres my ritual:

1. rinse the car off
2. clean the rims/tires with car wash soap first, with seperate sponge, then rinse the wheels
3. refill the bucket with new soap, wash the car (top the bottom)
4. rinse car off
5. dry it with the california water blade
6. get a clean towel, and dry any small areas that the water blade cant get too

then i usually will vacuum the interior, use Clear Vue for the windows, and armor wipe the dash.

I do this all in my driveway, usually takes about a hour, and i do this weekly or bi-weekly.

Last month when it was like in the 50's and 60's, I waxed my whole car again, with my new buffer I got for xmas. I used Meguiars Gold Class Liquid Clear Coat again. THat stuff is awesome, left a great shine, and really smooth paint.

heres the newest pic:

also, you all can see my new pics at this site:

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