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While cruising around St. Paul the other day, I pulled up to a red light. There was a nice Chev pickup waiting at the light already. I glanced over and noticed the SS454 graphics. A quick look at the cross-traffic light (yellow) told me I didn't have time to reach for the Traction control. I dropped into Auto-stick as the light turned green and lept out into the intersection. Instantly I realized I was the only one racing... he hadn't expected anything like that out of a sedan. It didn't take him long to catch on, or up! By the time I hit third, he was screaming up alongside. At that point, as luck would have it, he had to break off because of traffic in his lane. I gave him a thumbs-up as I sailed on by. I know, I was the one who got killed here, but by a whole lotta vehicle and I gave him a challenge besides. I can't beat my bro-in-law's '96 Impala SS either (yup, the one with the LT1 Corvette package) but I'll keep trying!
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