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Radically New Interior

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I'm looking to change the interior of my car. I HATE!!! carpet, a new wheel would be nice, especially one with a horn I can actually hit in a hurry (in this part of the country you need it)

Ideally I don't want to make the inside of the car any louder, I want something weather and stain resitant that looks good for the floor and something that will insulate sound at least as good as the carpet (less exhaust resonance and road noise would be better) without adding too much weight.

A custom dash would be cool but the main thing is just to change the color of all the plastic to match the new paint job I want to get done. Currently the car is dark green and the interior is the same but a green inetior never did get me that excited and now its really gonna look like ****. Even the seatbelts need to change color, not to mention all the plastic on the doors and the carpeting in the back window, oh ya and the small bits of carpeting on the doors!!!

Some new material for the seats is also in order, I don't know about the derability of leather (I hear it cracks) and its hot in the summer but I really like the look, something similar maybe??

Also if it changes anything, I have the shifter on the stearing colomn not on the floor like in most (actually all) other intrepids I've scene. Its a first gen by the way.

If anyone has done any mods with this stuff or has any ideas I would really apreciate hearing about them.
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The maaco job was only 340 including a clear coat, they were having some sort of anniversary sale or something. The carbon fiber comes from and goes for around $200 for 12 pieces
It was easy to install-- my friend and I did it in under an hour
To pimped 3.3 --- Maaco's are different across the country. It's a franchise based chain, so the service and the quality varries from branch to branch. Personally, I could not have been more satisfied (on a side note, I can understand how peeling could occur if somone didn't buy a clear coat, they're vital)
I went to the one in grove city, and I live in Muirfield (maybe you'll see me drivin around)
Yeah, I've seen the field of corn, my doctors office is by there. It's a dishonor to the entire community, but lets not get into that in these forums
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