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Ahh..the never ending saga of performance looking vehicles without the performance continues.

I was minding my own business on Bass Lake Road today when a young man (16 or 17) in a riced out Ranger pulls along side. This thing is a base XL standard cab, meaning it has the piddly 2.3L I4 and manual box.

Well, this thing was duded out. Chromed 17" wheels from an F150, chrome fender trim, that plastic chrome stuff around the doors and tailgate and "dual" exhaust with twin 5" fart tips. He starts farting away, just giving it major gas and shooting me "come on" looks. Ok, I'll go.

I shut off the TC, shift to 1 and torque it up a bit. Light goes green and I am off, chirping for a split second, and then gain half car length as he sits with the tires spinning. When he finally gets traction he gains to the back of my front doors before the LHS hits the sweet spot, and I am gone.

I know from personal experience those 2.3L Rangers are dog slow, so it wasn't much of a race. I just had prove I am not one to be picked on. It was cool though, he drove by and waved.

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Yeah, I had a '92 2.3 Ranger with a 5 was "Oh crap, don't let me die" slow. Even worse it was a Supercab...He must have been really stupid to have even tried. That'll teach him though... :)
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