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Read the Owner's Manual!

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I've seen several posts the last couple of days asking about things that are covered in the manual. The "power outlet" thread, that's in there. So's the one on changing brake lights. It even tells you how to change the "auto lock" feature, that someone paid their dealer $15 to do a few days ago!

I'm not saying not to post questions here, just that there is a bunch of good info in the owner's manual, and some useful drawings.

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I actually found out about coverting the power outlet to "hot" all the time from my brother...but I have to give credit; it is in the owner's manual.

There is a wealth of info in there....most of which is common sesnse stuff...I find it's mostly good when I need to replace a bulb or want to know how much oil the engine holds and other little things like that. I do thumb through it from time to time.

I also like to watch that video that came with the car to see all the neat options I didn't get. :)
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