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ok me and a friend heard from this guys son (his dad owens a local junkyard) that a 3.5
all hyped up ground effects lowered air ride suspention and all that rot was totaled and headed to the yard well we get there they bring it out and guess what all the good **** inside is still there so i say OMG i have to see the engine pop the hood and well lets just say i could stand in where the engine WAS
he even took the good air filter
the cd player had water in it so................**** that
i did get my hands on the dashboard and the 3.5L decals and dodge decals on the front side and back of the car also got the speakers from back of the car
some jackass that put the car down droped it with the crain so the rims on it were all bent arelli bling blings i think there called like 400 $ a rim or more
i did get his exaust pipe looks like a ricer pipe but combined with my flowmaster it sounds pretty good
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