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Rear facia (bumper) of 98 intrepid

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Someone banged badly into rear, when parked in parking lot (hit and run case). The plastic got cracked different places on one side. New one will cost $1000, and cant find one from junk.

Anyone knows of any (coloured) glue / epoxy to repair the cracks. At one place it got cracked through and separated (for inside to be seen).
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Tough luck. Did it crack the foam blocks behind the bumper? My 99 Es was hit as I sat at a yield, the bumper bounced back but it split the styrofom blocks that support the bumper. Ended up costing his insurance $4000 to fix it.

I would think a good body shop could fix the bumper though, as long as everything is ok underneath. Mine was champagne, they painted the whole bumper and rear deck lid, paint matched good.

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