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redesigned true dual exhaust w/ electric cutouts.

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many hours of mocking things up... this goes in directly after my X pipe.. painted everything with ceramic header paint. electric cutouts with a fob (clicker style) controller

this is the only route I've found without removing the gas tank. its a tight fit, an extra 1/2 inch will make everything not fit so lots of mocking up.
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Hey! I like the work!

You only working on the ground, or have access to a lift of some sort?

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what you see in the last pic. was sliding underneath the car with minimal room - whatever the jackstand gives me? 16"? i have wooden drive up ramps that give 10" of lift the driveway slopes downhill and that helps add more space under the bumper part.

this was done like.. 12 months ago? i dont post often but was paralyzed in november so life has been rough recovering since.
I needed some good vibes.
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Sorry you had that injury - must have been serious. Fully recovered?
not yet. will be better in december or even next year... but im able to walk and stand again but lots of limitations (no turning any big wrenches:( )
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exhaust pops and crackles.

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