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redesigned true dual exhaust w/ electric cutouts.

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many hours of mocking things up... this goes in directly after my X pipe.. painted everything with ceramic header paint. electric cutouts with a fob (clicker style) controller

this is the only route I've found without removing the gas tank. its a tight fit, an extra 1/2 inch will make everything not fit so lots of mocking up.
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I just heard about you getting hurt. Hope you’re doing better now.

Also that looks amazing! What engine are you running? I might want ti do something similar to my Intrepid. Also, would you mind posting an exhaust clip when you get a chance? I’d like to do something with my exhaust but I don’t want anything super obnoxious and raspy. Just have enough to open it up a little.
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not yet. will be better in december or even next year... but im able to walk and stand again but lots of limitations (no turning any big wrenches:( )
That’s not good. Here’s hoping you have a speedy recovery!
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