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:) Reverend LHSer Speaks :)

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Going to Hell?

Wish you weren't?

Well brothers and sisters, you are in luck!

You can be saved!

Cleanse your guilty souls by pledging a donation to the "Reverend LHSer Soul Crusade/Buy Me Brakes" campaign!

For the measly sum of $10 your soul will be saved and your conscience cleared with the knowlege that with your contribution Reverend LHSer will be able to continue saving souls without fear of his car careening through a crosswalk filled with children and into a bus load of nuns.

Peace be with you, brothers and sisters.

For information on where to send pledges, send Reverend LHSer an e-mail, and he will have his assistant, who wears too much makeup and cries at the drop of a Bible, provide you with a donation form.

(The previous has been a commercial announcement for Reverend LHSer/Sheister Ministries. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect those of, but if you don't send the cash, you'll all go to Hell.)
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Mr LHSer are we bribing people for our own gains??? Isnt that an un-godly thing :rolleyes: And do we need to mention
the Crack? I suppose youre going to repent???<Srunched up face> Dont go begging to Church
lady, pray for forgiveness and ye shall reap
the Divine Brake Job! Jesus Approved..
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