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I just got my first car, which is a '93 Intepid ES. There is this kid (about my age i'd say, maybe a lil older - 18) around here who has this small red BMW with a raised spoiler (yeah like he needs it) and a chrome tail pipe and he likes to ride peoples asses and crap. I know its only a 4 banger because of the wuss sound. Anyways, If I ever come across this hot head at a stop light should I leave the dodge in Drive or start off in 3rd? Any help would be appreciated thanks.

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Here is the method I works fairly well.

  1. Shut off all electronics. (Radio, etc.)
  2. Shut off Traction Control. (If so equipped.)
  3. Shift into 1.
  4. Put left foot on brake.
  5. Apply gas until about 1500-2000rpm and hold.
  6. When light turns green, let off brake and floor gas.
  7. When tach sweeps to 6000-6500rpm, shift to 3, repeat to shift to D. Keep foot to floor through entire process.
  8. Grin as you beat his punk ass.

    Hope this helps, and good luck. Post the results in the Kills Section. :)
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