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Rosewood Dash, Heaven or Hell?

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I just had the rosewood dash applique installed in my 2001 R/T by my dealership. It looks nice, but I'm having pop-up problems. Has anyone else had this problem? I had the dealership install it so that it would be covered by the new-car warranty. I'm taking it back in, and I'll let everyone know how it turns out. :(
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I have had the dash kit in both my 99 and 01, and I love it. I think it really helps to warm up the interior, and makes the dash look alot less plastic'y. But to each his own!

I have installed it on 5 intrepids total. The first 4 went great, but the 5th(my moms 01 se) has given me fits. The large piece on the center (radio/ac), the left side pulled away. Once it does, you're done.

I convinced the dealer that the 3m tape must have been faulty, and they agreed to replace it. I just need to go pick it up.

The reality is when you install the kit, you first use alcohol pads (included in the kit) to clean the surface, then you use a adhesive pad from 3m that helps the bond. Then warm up the pieces, peel the tape and press it on. But if you've armour all'd the dash, it takes more alcohol than those couple of pads to get it really clean. The test is to take a piece of masking tape and make sure it sticks. I was in a hurry, and thought since her car was only a month old, no problem. Wrong! Wasn't till the next day that she called and said it was coming loose.
(I think she even uses armor all inside her vents)

SO, good thing you had them do it. They may have rushed on the prep.

How much did they charge to put it on? They wanted $50. Takes about 20 minutes to do.

I need to post some pics and see if I can win some converts. And even though it's a laminate, it is "GENUINE" rosewood! ha

It looks better than what comes in the 300/LHS, I think. When I order my next Trep, I'll have another kit waiting for the car.

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