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My 94 New Yorker just randomly started doing this today, it has otherwise been running fine. When I start the car, it almost seems like it has a hard time starting then it will idle low, around 550 rpm or so, then after a few seconds it'll rev itself up to normal idle, about 750-900 rpm. After it gets up to normal idling speed the engine seems to run fine, but it shifts horribly. Downshifting from second to first is very bad. I can stop the car with it still in second, then it will suddenly decide to finally shift into first and it will jump forward after engaging very forcefully. It seems to generally downshift very rougly through the lower gears.
It will also feel hesitant or like the brake is suddenly applied when I let off the gas. It normally coasts very smoothly, but now whenever I take my foot off the gas it feels like the parking brake is applied and slows down very quickly.
This problem happened once a few months ago but went away without any problems.
It doesn't give me any codes through the check engine light.

I tried searching the forum but couldn't find anything with a rough start and shifting problems.

Anyone have any ideas?
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