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SE Trep Vs Corde.

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Well finaly persuaded wife unit to raz me.. We found a long strip of country road about 2 miles away so it was all kosher ;)

I told her just to slam it when I honked my horn.... So we lined up, I waited about 5 seconds and then honked my horn... Dudes the adrenalin was pumpin, maybe cos I cant loose to wife! :) Anyway I got to 30 and I was around 10 inches ahead, then mine changed and so did the SE, the SE then started to creep up and get the 10 inches back, then I hit 50 and mine changed thats when I got about 1.5 car lengths ahead to 70.... Very close race.... Wife wanted to do it again!! I think she is a changed woman ;)

The car goes back tommorow, very nice ride, I really would like the R/T or ES with its extra punch no doubt... I hope the rental people dont drive it on the highway :) For some reason it drifts now ;) OOoops!

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That's what I miss about the Grand Rapids area. Grand Rapids isn't too small or too big of a city. You have beautiful Lake Michigan, the lakeshore communities of Holland, Grand Haven, South Haven, and Douglas/Saugatuk, and only a few miles out you have beautiful country roads. Here in the Detroit area, all we have is traffic, more traffic, and even more traffic. :mad: :(

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Originally posted by Si:
Damn I was only about an inch in front....
I am sooooooooooooooo sorry dude! But hey, size doesn't matter... :D
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