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Secret racing is my hobby, since I'm always in fear of being pulled over (being a teen guy its just more likely than not), I never tell anyone I'm racing them...
I just kinda go up to a light, find a car that looks like it usually races and go nutz when the light turns green. Although, I pulled up next to a '99 trep though, and he must be on the same page cause the jerk cut me off. I was driving with my friend in another car though, he saw what happened, I cut back in front of him, and my friend gets in the other lane and we both slow down. We go about 5 miles down the road going the speed limit (I don't know bout where you guys are, but that's a hard to find thing *people going the speed limit* around here). By the time we finally stopped bein jerks there was a line of cars about a mile long in both lanes!
I'm pathetic... oh well, what's done is done. haha! It was really funny though (for me and my friend)!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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