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Shot in the dark for 2002 Concorde LTD

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Just received an 2002 Concorde limited which needs a little work. In general are there any other models/years I can look for in my local junkyards to save some money?
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Depends on what you need. It shares a lot of parts with 1998-2004 LH cars. 2002 was the first year of the mid cycle refresh, so 2002-2004 is the better bet.
Thank you, ordered a new ignition switch hoping to fix a problem with windows/ac/lights etc. Couldn't find any in my local junkyards so figured for the future I'd find out.
biggest difference that happened in 2002 is the computer changed and the timing cogs on the cams are different.
and 2002 saw the loss of an egr.
everything else is pretty much a go from 98 up.
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Any random advice for changing out the ignition switch? Diving in tomorrow, not a mechanic by any stretch but got a few videos to reference and a buddy coming by/by the phone who has experience lol
i've never done an lh ignition. i'm not much help. don't think they are too complicated, and i don't think you have to remove the lock cylinder. your experienced buddy will be more help.
You're correct didn't need to remove it and he was. Super easy other than having to rig up something to get the nuts and bolts off due to the small size lol. But completely fixed the problem with windows, ac, low beams etc.
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