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Hey Fellas, if ya gotta scroll to the right on a 17" monitor its a sure sign your signature pic is TOO DAMN BIG! :D
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Is mine showing up? I don't know if my cookies are enabling me to see mine or if it is actually linking. Anyone?
Can someone do me a favor and click on "My hompage" in my signature and see if it is accessible? I can get to it from my computer (and my local intranet, ie: my house network), but I want to see if it is available over the internet. I think my IP provider may have blocked my port 80.

Thanks in advance.

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I can just change the port forwarding in my Linksys router right?

For example...say I change the forwarder in my router to forward Port 30 (instead of 80)to my local server (which contains the website). Won't the incoming request be looking for the default http of port 80? I know I have to change it in IIS also to a different port, but do I have to do anything else? Help?

Oh, BTW...wanna try it one more time? ;)
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1 - 8 of 17 Posts
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