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Long story short, opened the site in 2000 when I was 15. Site did great, won several awards, got over 50000 hits to the board in the first few weeks, and a quote from one of the "Stew's Reviews" articles made national print in Autoweek. But then, my money ran dry, and the site went down. So over the last few months, I've been very busy updating and adding features, and now it's back and WAY better than ever with a Garage for all members to add pics and info of their ride, an upload section for members to upload vids, several dozen Mopar Hi-Po magazine articles, a fully updated SRT and R/T Information database and tons more.

Here it is:

FYI: If anyone thinks I'm trying to drive members away fromt his board they're dead wrong. I know that members aren't going to leave the site catering specifically to thier car - and I wouldn't want them to! It's the best place for them to get info and interact with fellow owners. What I want the site to be is what is "daughter" site I created for a guy when he saw my site and was inspired has now become - that site is While all the users still frequent their model specific sites, they can go there for to interact with all the fellow Ford high performance and SVT fans - THAT is what I wanted and have always wanted for the site. But if any mods/admins deem it "uncool", feel free to remove the link and please just PM me to let me know what's up.

Thanks for looking everyone and feel free to join up if you are a high performance Mopar fan and like what you see! And be sure to tell all your Mopar buddies! ;)

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