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I had a slight accident with the Intrepid yesterday. I was going to the yard for the overhead console when I see something come flying up from under the tires of the car in front. It was a large flat piece of tin siding like for a shed. I had no place to go to avoid it and it lands upright in front of my car and slowly starts falling flat again. It didn't fall flat fast enough and I smacked it with the right side of the front bumper cover (at least it didn't go through the windshield). It goes under the car and goes airborne again almost taking out the Explorer behind me. I looked at the damage and most of it can be buffed out except where it cut into the paint and a few really deep scratches. The price on a new cover is 579.00 (includes cover, prep time and paint). I am thinking of perhaps doing something like the 2002 and painting it all silver or maybe painting the lower part of the grill silver and leaving the top spar black or vice versa. I'll probably do this in the spring since I don't want to destroy a new cover in winter with all the garbage they throw on the street for traction. Anyone have any ideas of what else would look good?
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